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Retiring in Molise


Discover Molise!

Everyone who is getting older wish to leave the city and retire in a peaceful and quiet place to call home. Molise can be the right place because it’s the perfect bled of urban and rural living. Buying a property in Molise can be far more affordable than a place in the city, and avoids the traffic and the pollution of the big cities.

Molise offers many small villages, white and sandy beaches in the Adriatic coast, two skiing resorts, many archaeological sites, WWF oasis and of course food attractions such as wine cantinas, agriturismo where you can enjoy genuine and local products and much more. Molise region is set in a good position in the center of Italy, only 3 hours driving from Rome -there is a daily bus service from the main city and trains- 2 hours from Naples. Every village, even if it’s small, has main shops and business activities: mini markets, butchers, bakery, bars, restaurants, and of course the poste office and the police station (Carabinieri)

Finding a Molise home almost always means finding a new bunch of friends.

People are very friendly and welcoming, you will feel part of a big family, old ladies like to sit in front of the house and chat with their friends about the weather, what they cooked for lunch and of course speak about gossips !!!

The days go by all the same, slowly and are lived with no stress: people wake up early in the morning prepare the lunch go to work or farm the kitchen-garden (orto), have lunch at midtime, go back to work and late afternoon have time for themselves. They usually meet the family, have dinner and enjoy the good wine!

Living in those villages allows you to understand the real italian philosophy, devoted to the family and to the traditions.

It’s still common even today for families to raise a pig for their own needs. There is a carnival atmosphere when family and friends gather for the meat to be prepared as sausages and other delicious salami for which the region is renewed during December-January. An other important appointment is the olive harvest at the end of October-November; everyone, even local people who live abroad, come back to their native villages to take part at this important tradition. During summer, usually in August mid September, the ladies prepare the tomato sauce for the whole year.

With all these qualities, Molise is the perfect place to retire!

Hope to see you soon in Molise!

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