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4 must see museum in Molise

While you are visiting or you are house hunting in Molise you can’t miss the opportunity to visit those 4 must see museums:

1. Agricultural museum of Molise Lucito (Campobasso)

This is the first private museum created in 2015 that collects more than 700 tools and utensils used by local peasants and local artisans from the late 1700s to the 1900s.

It is possible to admire the daily utensils used in the house (in the kitchen, to store food and beverage etc), utensils used to farm the land and utensils used by blacksmiths, carpenters etc.

This vaste collection of restored and labeled utensils and tools are hosted in a large town house in the village of Lucito.

The museum is also part of the national association of the Small Museums.

It is open upon appointments and has free entry. You will meet a professional and expert guide who will explain the history of each piece and will let you discover a different and fascinating period.

2. The bell’s museum of  Marinelli’s foundry in Agnone (Isernia)

The historical bell museum in Agnone was created in 1999 and is located near the ancient Marinelli’ foundry, that produces bells since the medieval period. In the museum there is the biggest exposure of sacred bronzes and the most precious bell dating back to the year 1000.

There are also studies, scrolls, ancient documents such as the dutch edition of “ de tintinnabulis” considered the bible of the bell’s art written in 1664.

There are exposed models, old utensils and casts used to decorate the bells.

The visit of the museum is very interesting: before the guided tour, people will watch a short video showing all the production stages of a bell.

It is open every day, except Sunday afternoons and have the following opening hours:

1° visit at 11:00 – 2° visit at 12:00 ; 3° visit at 16:00  – 4° visit at 17:00 (only in August)

1° visit at 12:00 – 2° visit at 16:00 (the rest of the year)

Visit a museum in Molise


3. Samnitic museum of  Campobasso

The Samnitic museum of Campobasso was founded in 1889 by the counsellor Sipio and the lawyer Pasquale Albino. It is a very modern museum for its enticements and thematic paths.

The vaste collection includes archaeological finds of period between the IX century B.C. and the II century A.C.

All the finds have been divided in four groups:

  • “people”
  • “the home”
  • “the activities”
  • “the religion”

It is open every day from 9:00 to  14:30 and from 15:00 to 17:30. It has free entry.

4.  National Paleolithic museum of  Isernia

One of the biggest museum in the Molise region. It has been built over the most important archaeological site called “La Pineta” in 1979.

The complex comprises:

  • The archaeological site pavilion  measuring approximately 700 sqm.
  • The exposure pavilion, a room of 65 mq containing all the finds belonged to people and animal  ones such as elephants, buffalos dating back to 620.000 years ago.
  • The educational pavilion a large space of 800 sqm that has the purpose to explain all the man evolution from the Paleolithic period to the Bronze Age.

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 19:00.