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Have you ever considered to buy a house in Molise?

Have you ever heard about Molise?

Molise is one of the smallest region of Italy, set between Abruzzi, Lazio, Campania and Apulia.

House in Molise!

Molise is not a famous region, it is still off the tourist track but this doesn’t mean that this area has nothing to offer to its visitors.  There are beautiful sanctuaries, churches, abbeys, castles, medieval villages and  wonderful archeological sites.

Molise: where the nature is wild and uncontaminated, the climate is mild and just in one hour it’s possible to move from the sandy beaches of the Adriatic sea to the green mountains and clay hills.

It is a region rich of natural resources and with a prestigious historical heritage.

Molise (the High Molise) is also part of  The National Park of Abruzzo,Molise and Lazio, the most important park of the central Italy.  There are many WWF Oasis (Guardiaregia, Montedimezzo, Collemeluccio ecc), created to protect the environment.

Molise is not contaminated by the global market, life is easy and healthy, the region is in a perfect and central position, property prices are the lowest despite the rest of Italy,  for all these reasons, buying a house in Molise could be a very safe place for your dream home in Italy.

You can still find houses for sale for less than €10,000!

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