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The Real Estate Agent

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80% of 2014 homebuyers purchased their home through a real estate agent. A good, professional and valuable real estate agent has a good knowledge of the local market, knows what kind of homes are available and how much they cost, knows when to sign-as well as when to wait- a proposal, how low you can go when making an offer and can help you getting the right home at the right price.

Real Estate Agent

Buying a home abroad is a process full of financial and legal obligations, an agent is more than familiar with these obligations and will make sure you don’t run afoul of the law or sign a bad deal. He will obtain the necessary forms for the closing, check property records and will guide you through all of the transactions and tasks.
A good agent will stay in touch with a buyer long after the closing to offer advice and provide referral for all your needs.
But, for doing all these, a real estate agent must be registered in the local Chambre of Commerce as Real Estate agent and have a document (in italian is called “Patentino”) with his photo and a number for his position.
Don’t forget that you are free (and have the right) to ask when you want to see this document, beware to agents who refuse to show it to you, maybe they are not regular and you are paying a not due fee!